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Works in progress


"Strawberries on Friday"

A children's book

This is written, but it would need to be illustrated before I shop it out to any publishers.
It's the story of a turtle named Wendell and how he makes friends with a tortoise named Jacob.



Isidor is the son of the Crown Prince and the nephew of Queen Maeve - it meant a lot in the Otherworld, but now that he's been exiled to the human realm, Isidor is lost and all alone.
Lucky for him, Parker can't resist helping someone who's down on their luck.

Casual Magic

Complete but not under contract

When he was thirteen, West Archer made a deal with the Devil. Not his brightest, or proudest, moment.
All grown up and drifting aimlessly through life, the last thing West wants is to get even more involved with demons. Especially not ones with murdered ex-husbands and a kid to boot.

What Happened to Hiram

Complete but not contracted

Hiram Reinhart was born into the lap of luxury in the Red Hills of Georgia. He threw away the opulent life of a planter's son to free his father's slaves and bring them to freedom.
Now in Canada, Hiram's taking care of his family as best he can, until another mage wants his help hunting down and killing a demon.

The Parsley Knight

a tale of fairies and magic

Sir Ainsley expected a quiet life of duty and service - to his king, his family, but not to himself. When he sets off on his first quests on his own, a strange crow begins to follow him. Ainsley takes the bird as an ill-omen, but little does he know that the creature will change his life forever.


a rewrite of an old project

Nicholas is a demon, the son of the Devil himself, and Mischa is the daughter of the king who owns him. Enslaved a century ago, Nicholas has drifted through life, longing for everything he's lost. A tentative friendship with the princess may help him find a way to regain some of what was his.

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