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Dan has three books slated for release in 2020.


The Practical Mage's Guide to Magic and Mayhem

June 1, 2020


On the Rugged Hills

December 1, 2020


Casual Magic

December 1, 2020


Works in progress


late stage capitalism, IN SPACE, slated for 2021

Arden inherits a space station above a dying planet. He inherits all the problems that come with it. Worker shortages, class tension, and a disgruntled upper class all come together to make this anxious ruler's life a living hell. Rhys, a worker, has enough guile to win Arden's trust and might have the answers Arden needs.

Sunshine and Specter, Book 1

Complete and slated for 2021

Angels shouldn't pal around with demons, especially not ones they've been sent to assassinate. They shouldn't work with them or cook them dinner, or strike a deal with the Devil for them either. Sunshine must not be a very good angel.

Sunshine and Specter, book 2

in progress

Sunshine and Specter are better off than they were, but they still have a lot to work out. An old friend comes calling and a trip to the Cape might be just what they need to get things sorted. That is, until another angel shows up.

A Sunshine and Specter prequel


Ever wondered how an angel and the antichrist ended up as work buddies, neighbors, and oh-so-much more? In 1940, Felix is finally tired of hiding from the angel who hunts him and takes matters into his own hands.

The Parsley Knight

a tale of fairies and magic

Sir Ainsley expected a quiet life of duty and service - to his king, his family, but not to himself. When he sets off on his first quests on his own, a strange crow begins to follow him. Ainsley takes the bird as an ill-omen, but little does he know that the creature will change his life forever.


a rewrite of an old project

Nicholas is a demon, the son of the Devil himself, and Mischa is the daughter of the king who owns him. Enslaved a century ago, Nicholas has drifted through life, longing for everything he's lost. A tentative friendship with the princess may help him find a way to regain some of what was his.



Isidor is the son of the Crown Prince and the nephew of Queen Maeve - it meant a lot in the Otherworld, but now that he's been exiled to the human realm, Isidor is lost and all alone.
Lucky for him, Parker can't resist helping someone who's down on their luck.


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