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April 1, 2021

Arden inherited Eden, a space station floating over a dying planet. He also inherited an oppressive class system, worker shortages, and an entitled ruling class that refuses to make concessions. Rhys, a worker who’s earned Arden’s trust, helps him make unpopular changes to keep Eden alive.
Arden's reputation as a shallow and formula-addled leader leaves his friends and foes skeptical of his leadership. Rhys gains power and is met with resistance from the ruling class. But without intervention, Eden's labor shortages may lead to the end of the station, and Terra One, within Arden's lifetime.



December 1, 2020

Westley "West" Archer made a deal with the Devil for a failed high school crush. Now he answers questions for demons--a seedy job his family can never know about.

Kit is the seediest, sexiest demon who has ever come to West for help, smelling of cigarettes, covered in tattoos, with ripped jeans and tousled hair. Despite every instinct telling him to get Kit out of his life, West agrees to help the other man look into the murder of which he's been falsely accused. He also agrees to a date or two along the way.

Helping Kit makes West reevaluate his prejudices and whether or not he should come clean to his family about the company he's kept. Maybe a deal with the Devil doesn't have to ruin his life.



April 1, 2019

David never wanted to hurt anyone, but he didn’t ever think he’d ever be made to choose between his own mutilation or someone else’s life. With a threat like that hanging over his head, he returns to his hometown and reconnects with the one person who might believe that the things that come to visit him some nights aren’t just another hallucination.



There's so much (and so little) to say! Have a question? Ask away.



November 1, 2016



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